Discover what has my attention, from collaboration software to complexity wrangling. Thanks to Jerry Michalski for the motivation to build this practical page! Learn about the /now movement here.

Fall, 2023

Currently spending a lot of time either helping our earliest explorers create coherent network-wide communication on Socialroots, or looking for people interested in and willing to support early tech cooperatives. (If you're one of those people, get in touch, or book me!)

I'm also (slowly) starting two small informal networks:

  • Knowledge Ecology
  • Complexity Wranglers

If you're interested in these, subscribe and I'll send a notification when they are ready to invite more participants. I'm also doing more local and bioregional things, so if you're interested in coordinating and are in the PacNW, do get in touch.

Spring, 2022

I'm currently heads-down in the effort to get Socialroots live and helping groups coordinate. I'm also doing a lot of writing, specifically:

  • Creating this blog to help provide a curation layer for the rabbit holes I seem to generate.
  • Looking for another complexity wrangler interested in weekly mutual soundboarding, and writing collaboration.
  • Writing with the Socialroots blog as we prepare for our launch.

Up next is a regular virtual gathering for complexity wranglers. If you are one and would like to know when they begin, subscribe and you'll get the memo.